New and Used Woodworking Equipment

4 T’s Industries Ltd. has a wide selection of new and used woodworking equipment designed to save you time and effort.

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An edgebander is an excellent tool for attaching adhesive-backed, hot melt veneer edging to straight edges, such as cabinet facings and shelving units. Using an edgebander can save time and money by reducing the amount of lumber ruined by improper veneer installation.

Sliding Table Saw

A sliding table saw allows the operator to more smoothly advance a wood sheet through the cutting area. They are valuable for jobs involving angle, mitre and custom cutting.

Wide Belt Sander

This machine is perfect for sanding solid wood doors and veneer products, offering precision and convenience to the operator.

Drilling and Boring Machines

At 4 T’s Industries Ltd. you will find a wide variety of boring machines to fit nearly any application. From standard drill presses to construction boring machines, 4 T’s Industries Ltd. has the right tool for the job.

Stock Feeder

Stock feeders are used to drive a variety of wood products into a table saw or other cutting implement. Stock feeders can provide increased speed and quality for any size project.


Carve moulds, cut shapes and add decorative touches to doors, wainscoting and other wooden components easily and professionally with shapers from 4 T’s Industries Ltd.

Dust Collection Machines

A busy woodworking shop or mill can become a very messy place when power tools are being used. 4 T’s Industries Ltd. has dust collection machines to match any size clean-up project.


4 T’s Industries Ltd. has a selection of used and reconditioned woodworking machines and equipment that we offer for sale worldwide. Contact us for specific information and availability.

In addition, 4 T’s Industries Ltd. offers a dry ice blasting service to clean residue and contaminants from equipment after use. Dry ice blasting is environmentally safe and leaves no chemical residue after use.

Delta Table Saw
New arbor bearings

Delta Dust Collector

Comes with barrel and filter bag


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